“I Can’t Usually Means I Won’t”

In the  “The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within” Author “Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim” shares the following story.   This is one of my favorites as I am reminded daily in my life that “He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me” and this story really speaks to me about the power of my thoughts, my attitude.

Page 35: ” Realize that I Can’t usually means I won’t”

“All of us, at some time or another,  have felt the limiting power of ” I can’t.” Even when we really want something, and even if that something is within our power, those two simple words can prevent it from happening. When you find yourself saying ” I can’t,” look deeper to see if you’re making another excuse. If you look honestly, you will usually find that your words “I can’t” actually mean “I could, but I won’t for this or that reason.” For instance, “I can’t do well in school” might easily mean, “I could do well in school, but I won’t put in the time and effort to study.”  When you become willing to say “I can,” you find the power to carry it out from your Silent Master within.

Here’s a story that illustrates what I mean:

During  a war, a group of people was fleeing from the enemy. Among them was an old man and a woman with a baby. For many days they ran and hid, always with the enemy close behind and danger from every corner.

As they ran, others in the group helped the mother carry the baby, except for the old man, who was already very weak.

After a few days the old man was so tired he just couldn’t go on. He fell by the side of the road and lay there breathless. The others stopped to help, but he urnged them on, asking them to just leave him there. He had given up all will to live, all desire for life or for the future.

The enemy was fast approaching, so the others were anxious to move on. The woman with the baby then looked down at the old man and said, “It’s your turn, Everyone else has helped carry the baby. Now it’s your turn. You much fulfill your responsibility.”

She placed the baby in the old man’s lap and went after the others who were hurrying away. Inside, her heart beat terribly for the child, but she kept going. Others in the group wondered why she was just leaving the baby there to die.  What kind of mother was she?  But still, they all kept moving.

Meanwhile, the old man held the baby, while the sound of the enemy drew nearer. His heart was filled with weariness and despair, yet he was stirred by the baby moving and mumbling next to him. His life had been full and long, with much pain and happiness, and he just felt too tired to go on. But beside him was a little baby who had many years ahead and so much to live for.

He could not just lie there and take that away from the child. Strength and new energy flowed into his veins. He picked up the child and ran as best as he could to catch up to the others.

On and on he went with only one thought in his mind: the safety of the child. Nothing else mattered, not fear, weariness, hunger. On and on he ran until in the distance he could see his friends still moving quickly. He was so close, only a little further to go to reach them.

Before long, he caught up with them, stumbling into their midst with the precious baby, and grasping for breath. The others were amazed at this feat and wondered where he had found the strength to run with the child and catch them. But they could see his face was filled  a resolutions and determination they hadn’t seen before.

Gently, he handed the child to the mother, who took back the little body lovingly. Her heart was filled with joy, both for her child and for the old man. Together they continued onward, away from the enemy until they were safe and secure. ”

For me, this story motivates and inspires me when I face difficult challenges.  Whether those challenges are with a bad habit or fear I am working to overcome, or sometimes on the Do Jong floor. Such as during testing and having difficulty with a breaking. Just like the old man, he had two choices, accept the challenge  or quit.  As a warrior determined not to give up and yet not succeeding, sometimes Great Grandmaster will do just what the woman did with her baby.  The challenge will be increased.  Another board or brick would be added or maybe a even more challenging  technique will be given. Given a new challenge and motivation to overcome.  Training at Jung Suwon Martial Arts Academy has taught me the “He can do, She can do, Why not me” spirit.


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