Dr Tae Yun Kim ” Martial arts is a way of life”

Tae Yun Kim: “Martial arts in not just a sport. It’s a way of life, a way of living one’s life to its fullest potential”

The above is from an article in Tae Kwon Do magazine which Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim was the first female featured on the front cover.


“They are a way of life, a way of living one’s life to its fullest potential. They are ways of bringing harmony to your life through your body, mind and spirit – regardless of the circumstances around you”

But how can we apply martial arts practice in our daily lives? How can we balance our Western money-driven culture with ancient traditions from a different world and still stay pure while the world around us lies in chaos.

“Yes, it is easy to live the martial arts on the mat, but the real practice starts when we bow off the mat. As a true martial artist we have the ability to create our own destiny and take charge of our lives in spite of all the stress around us.”

At the age of 39, I began training in the martial arts, under Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.  If anyone had told me I would one day train martial arts, I would have confidently  proclaimed they must be smoking something. Martial arts is not something I ever really thought about before meeting Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.  Sure  I watched movies like ‘Karate Kid’ and  the TV series with David Carradine.  But training is not something that attracted me, seeing it as competition and fighting.

It became a way of life for me. Uncovering many truths about myself. Learning what body, mind and spirit as one means.  One example would be the changes in my work success. Before training, no belief that I could do more than janitorial, retail work. And with retail, it was being a stocker, a clerk, no belief that I had the ability to be even a department manager.  I had gone through life just surviving. I was like an insect trapped in a jar.  Not able to jump out because I kept the lid on tight.

I’ve learned to apply all the tools I’m given in class to my work life.  Working inside sales In charge of Customer service contracts, I’ve learned to be successful, I must bring my body, mind, spirit together. A passion and purpose for what I do. Providing customers solutions that will make not only their professional life less stressful, this carries into their personal life.

If I’m in class and we’re sparring, if I pay attention to what a warrior next to me is doing, than I am asking to get hit.  Instead, my body is there, my mind is focused on attacking and defending and my spirit is high. Motivating myself and my partner. Same at work with a monthly sales goal. Planning how to achieve the goal and putting into action the steps that will deliver the orders.  If one customer delays, then I need to be ready with a backup plan.  Just like stepping to the side when sparring and counter attack. I’m learning to unlock my creativity in finding ways to get customers to move faster, to decide they need the solution being offered. Ways to help them justify their needs to obtain budgets. Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim motivates and challenges in class. Helping students to face their fears, their self-doubt and learn confidence. The excitement of being in class carries into every part of my life.  A thirst for class and for living my life to the fullest.

Celebrate every living breath! 

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